• Have a political fum party with president donald trump in , los angeles, laguna beach, hollywood, pasadena, long beach, woodland hills, san fernando, (562) 257-6969

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This is the only place you can book Midget President Donald Trump!
• As tension builds high with the election between democrats and republicans there is no need to be bidder or mad at who is our new president because its time to laugh as we are all americans trying to get along, so what better way to show your sense of humor and order the 1st and only mini little person president donald trump ( make america great again )
president trump
• Lets support our current president and order him for any type of comical or political event as he is local to los angeles county but can travel anywhere in the USA! Liberals please do not beat him he is just an impersonator trying to drain the swamp at your event and he supplies a few different types of suits! LOL
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