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Please type in party information to order your little person, Open 24 Hours!

UPDATE: ( We Are Open For Business & We Deliver 24 Hours )
All of our little people entertainers are tested for Covid periodically and they also bring masks and sanitizer if needed..

• The quickest way to contract your entertainer with us is by answering the questions and submitting our online form that we have below, just answer the questions the best way you can and a copy of your order will be sent to you via email just minutes after you are done.

• All of our orders go directly to our Little People Delivery reservation center so within 24 hours you will receive a confirmation call or text from one of our mini members, they will make sure all the details of your event is correct before we actually schedule your little person, There is no deposit required to do this form.

( Rates & Packages Can Fluctuate Depending On Zip Code And What Type Of Entertainers You Are Ordering )

( All Deposits Are Non Refundable If Client Cancels But Can Be Transferred To Any Future Show That Never Expires )





When Should I Order ? Atleast a few weeks in advance because our midgets get booked up pretty fast especially if your event is on the weekend or holiday.

How Do I Select My Little Person ? Our office will text and email dwarf photos 24 hours a day if our potential client requests them.

Do You Service My Area ? Yes! Just let us know the city or zip code and we can give you rates, information, and pictures of our little people.

How Many Costumes Do You Have ? We have over 300 costumes, acts, and a full wardobe but if we do not have your costume in our closet we will make it or the client can also provide it.

Do You Provide Tossing or Wrestling Equipment ? Yes! We provide safety helmet, tossing vest, landing gear, wardrobe, props, portable ring, and license and insurance with absolutely no hidden fees.

Do You Provide Other Dwarf Services ? Yes! We also offer dwarf entertainers, performers, strippers, wrestlers, bartenders, impersonators, hosts, actors, servers, exotic dancers, and pranksters.

How Do I Pay Deposit ? We always take a small deposit when we are booking your event and its ready to be finalized with Cash App. Zelle, Apple Pay, Venmo, Google Pay, Or Credit Card.

How Do I Pay My Balance ? All clients can pay our midgets the balance on arrival with Cash App, Zelle, Apple Pay, Venmo, Google Pay, Paypal, Or Cash.

Is My Deposit Refundable ? All Deposits Are Non Refundable If Client Cancels But Can Be Transferred To Any Future Show That Never Expires. ( If our agency happens to cancel for any reason we will refund you in full ).

What If We Want To Do Less Than The Time Offered ? You can do less time but please remember our little people have a minimium that is a set rate.

Do We Have To Midget Toss Or Wrestle The Entire Time ? No! You can have your midget being tossed or wrestle for a while and the remaining time they can entertain, perform, strip, waiter, bartend, impersonate, hosts, act, serve drinks, socialize, or prank.

Can We Do Less Time Than Whats Offered ? Yes! You can definitely do less time or even a telegram but please remember the rate is still the same because thats our dwarves minimum.

Do I Ever Get In Contact With Our Midget ? Yes! After deposit has been paid we schedule your midget to contact you 24 hours before your event to confirm details " but sometimes we can put you in contact with your little person weeks before if travel or special attire needs to be planned.

How Long Is Our Quote Good For ? When we give a client a quote it is good from 24 to 72 hours because traveling costs and scheduling change so fast as we get closer to your party date.

What Areas Do You Service ? We are local to your city but we do service the entire USA and on some occasions we have even sent our dwarfs by flight to international events.

Do We Have To Tip The Little Person ? Please remember that tipping is not mandatory by our company but very appreciated by our dwarves that work for us.

How Does Payment Work When My Dwarf Has To Book A Flight ? Once you make a reservation and pay the deposit the dwarf scheduled will confirm details with the client and before he or she arrives they might contact client to pay for thier flight, uber, or travel but don’t worry it’s deducted from the balance that you owe with no hidden fees.


  • Tyrion Lannister Characters
  • Game Of Thrones
  • Bachelorette Party Strippers
  • Christmas Elf & Elves
  • Oompa Loompa
  • Bachelor Party Dancers
  • Midget Tossing
  • Midget Wrestling
  • Dwarf Bowling
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Village People
  • Telegrams
  • Mini Elvis
  • Kiss
  • Madonna
  • Midget DJ
  • Mini Eminem
  • Dwarf Hosting
  • Britney Spears
  • Pranks & Jokes
  • Mini Bartenders
  • Mini Kid Rock
  • Little J Lo
  • Prince
  • Donald Trump
  • Joe Biden
  • Barack Obama
  • Mini Kim Kardashian
  • Mini Selena
  • Small Super Heros
  • Wedding Minister
  • Party Hosting
  • Mini Cop
  • Mini Fireman
  • Waiters
  • Waitresses
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