• Bring back memories and rent our mini tom jones now serving arizona, glendale, scottsdale, tempe, sun city, gilbert, phoenix, chanlder, los angeles, - (562) 257-6969

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Make your event sexy, classy and funny with our mini tom jones.
• Tom Jones is a legend so if your event is around 30 and older they will recognize most songs that will be performed by this little dude for example its not unusual, sex bomb, help yourself, love me tonight, and all of his famous songs from the early 1960's to our present time " He does sing live with his own blue tooth microphone at every gig.
1 Hour Shows
• If you are interested in renting this midget there is a small deposit that is required but rest assure its just to make sure that you do not cancel last minute and hes does not get stuck with an evening with no schedule, He does fly from sate to state and about twice a year he performs at casinos in arizona.
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